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brickchandelier and brickchair

Sometimes a person work can in turn inspires and cause a great reaction for another. Like the collaboration of Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop & James Gulliver Hancock which give birth to the Brickchair and the Brickchandelier.

The Brickchair was the result of a reaction on a drawing made by James Gulliver Hancock. His handwriting changed the chair once (into a drawing), my interpretation changed it again; into bricks. A little evolution. The project is about interpretation and imagination.

~ Pepe Heykoop

1 comment:

  1. I love this! At first glance, it looks like it's very easily breakable but then i'm sure that all the blocks have been firmly attached right? It really looks like one of those toys that are made out of loosely-stringed parts and you can restructure it in however you want. Anyway, if only this art would be reproduce, I would love to place it at my home. The chandelier reminds of a spider


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