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A Collection of Three Lamps That Represent Intimacy Itself

I didn't realise that when it comes to intimacy there are actually so many different ways. Of two people, of your own body, and of the need to have your own space. These lamps offers a little peekaboo of our intimacy.

Ladislava Repkov√°, young designer from Bratislava created Intimate Lighting - a collection of three lamps that  represent intimacy itself. Each of the lamps is related to another meaning of the word intimacy. Lamp “Relationship”shows close relationship and the confidentiality of two people. The lamp “Body” is concentrated on the intimacy as a personal space of a man – an individual in the meaning of his own body and soul at the same. The lamp “Privacy” represents anonymity and the need for a person to have his or hers own personal space.

By Ladislava Repkov√°


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