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Animal Inspired Fashion From Camille Cortet

From bird to snake and to fishes... these are all the inspiration for Camille Cortet when she does her fashion.

Camille Cortet is a French designer based in Amsterdam that recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and admits that nature is one of her biggest inspirations when it comes to fashion. More specifically, she is challenged by the idea of transformation and tries to find the parallelisms between animals and humans. After all, fashion is a game of constant changes, from the way somebody can build his or her proper style and the way this can be adapted in different contexts to the frenetic rhythm that styles and trends come and go. Having in mind the way that animals change their color and skin or the behaviors they use when they want to capture the attention of their love companions, Cortet has created the Transformations project. This includes a series of body-ornaments that are an attempt to adapt animal behaviors to our culture and to create new gestures and new body languages within clothing and ornaments.

Via: Yatzer

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  1. Nice find! I'd applaud anyone who would dare to wear something like this. But then again, you never know...


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