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glass globe door knob

No more peeping over the key hole.

In conjunction with Design Tide Tokyo, architect Hideyuki Nakayama – a protégé of Toyo Ito – has teamed up with UNION, a manufacturer of door handles and levers, to create a glass globe doorknob. As you approach the doorknob you catch a glimpse of  what appears to be another world, waiting for you to enter and join, but in fact is a reflection of  the room on the other side of the door.

Via: Spoon & Tamago


  1. I really like this Door knob of


  2. primefurnitureMay 09, 2011 2:12 PM

    I got it taken care of. But something that urks me about the whole method is how everyone seems to treat me like I am dull.

  3. It's really an awesome design of door knob. 


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