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pavilion picnic by overtreders w

Isn't it nice that you can gather together at one place even when the cold is harsh and best still, a really beautiful nice pavilion that make you feel more at home.

Founded by Dutch designers Reinder Bakker and Hester van Dijk, Overtreders W is a design studio that creates spaces where people can "feel like home." Because "home" is not always synonymous with home in the first sense, the designers have imagined an outdoor installation called "Het dak dat opgaat in rook" literally the roof goes up in smoke.

The facility consists of a floating roof light with a bar, a wood stove and a mobile picnic table. The roof is inflated hot air blown by the wood stove that warms the air at the same time the centerpiece of the pavilion.

Via: ReflexDeco

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  1. Cool! No doubt it can really emulate the homey feel through its fluorescent lighting. This roof, which has a great look on its own, it’s also perfect for the outdoors with its outdoor weather protection.Kermit Lukacs


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