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house of card table

House of Card Table is Brazillian designer/architect Mauricio Arruda and with this table at home it will sure become a conversational piece with guest.

The house of card table is a piece of furniture that addresses topics such as lightness and instability,but with sense of humor and a lot of identity,which is a markof the work by designer Mauricio Arruda.The idea,apparently simlpe,has a lived for years in designer imagination. Mauricio kept it in mind with affection and patient,as it always should be for that in order to mature and evolve. The images of the playing cards are printed individually in the plates of steel,which allows each table to have a different configuration, becoming single pieces.they are assembled like a house of cards in a real cards game,where each piece is a drawn randomly.
~ Mauricio Arruda

Via: FurniFurnish

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  1. Bamby questions the visual perception of furniture.
    Face on, it's a classical and welcoming chair with a solid wood
    structure firmly planted on


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