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metropolis by lladró atelier

With the artistic supervision by Jamie Hayon, Lladró has been giving us more and more surprises and delights! I love this series of porcelain objects call Metropolis.

Lladró Atelier is a new creative space which runs within the spanish firm Lladró that specializes in high-quality porcelain objects. the atelier, which is guided by the artistic supervision of spanish designer Jaime Hayón, presented its newest collection 'Metropolis' at maison et objet 2011 in paris. The series is formed by functional objects such as vases, lamps, mirrors and boxes, all of which take on the shapes of buildings. arranged together as a whole, these structures create a city, not one that is so realistic, but rather suggestive of an imaginary or futuristic setting.

Via: designboom


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