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The adjutant table

I love the fact that this table does not compromise for its design and material even if it's a flat-pack furniture and there's more to it too.

New Zealand designer Nathan Goldsworthy delved into history to discover the much more appealing origins of flat-pack. “The first flat packed furniture was designed to be used on the field of battle,” Goldsworthy explains. In fact, he found out that Napoleon utilised the original flat-pack to take along his entire office set-up (including shelves).

So Goldsworthy’s approach was to build a simple table of 10 pieces that requires no Allen key and no screws to put together – all out of beautiful solid white oak. And so we have the ‘Adjutant’ table; adjutant being a military rank for someone supporting a senior officer.

Via: Habitus Living


  1. Grégory HoogstoëlFebruary 16, 2011 9:59 PM

    Hi !

    To build with simplicity est come back, really values.

    example : woodscrew

    See U soon

    Grégory Hoogstoël

  2. Hi, 

    Its perfect for my work . 


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