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david taylor | dot & point

Not too long ago we had show our love of David Taylor's table lamps and now there are even more exciting beauty objects coming from him. A new candlestick series accompanies a pendant lamp in kicking off at the Biologiska Museum during Stockholm Design as part of the fringe event "20 Designers at Biologiska".

The candlestick edition “Dot” comprises 3 pieces made to work together as a group and to cooperate when used throughout a living space. Brass, pine and silver are integrated into a pleasing disharmony that projects a natural balance and speaks of an earthy, organic calm. “Point” has been named after the place where the land runs out and the water begins, a pendant lamp that borrows it’s characteristic form from it’s candlestick cousin “Dot”. Plastic, paper and hemp each play a role in the construction and look of this piece. “Point” is a reduction, without removing the sentiment of the work, exuding a warm and welcoming generosity that is its essence.

More beauty objects at David Taylor's site here.


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