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revolve watch bracelet

It is not new to make a timepiece to look like a bracelet, but not when it is 3 different bracelets that form a watch. Although I feel it may be more tedious to tell time in this manner but it has an unique look to it.

One-half bracelet, one-half timepiece, the Revolve Watch Bracelet by Podvaal is a creative new concept in both style and timekeeping.  Three individual bracelets display the hours, minutes and seconds in twelve-hour rotations twice a day.  They are optionally rimmed with magnets to provide a locked pattern or can be worn separate on the wrist.  While these bracelets are only a concept for now, Podvaal hopes to develop them with an internal battery, a solar power option or a mechanical winding movement to power the time keeper.  

Via: TheCoolist

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