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the box lounger & sofa

Somedays you just don't have to think outside of the box to make a brilliant design, just look within.

Loook Industries is launching two new products at their representative Ab Evert Lindelöf during Stockholm International Furniture Fair 8-12.2.2011. The Box Lounger and The Box Sofa will be available from March 2011. Designed by Ivar Gestranius and Kevin Lahtinen, the Box Sofa and Lounger provide a quiet and visually secluded cover from the surrounding noise and movement. Perfect for open-space offices and public spaces, or used as a room divider. For fun, the designers also suggest that you could pull two sofas together and use it as a “room inside a room.” The Lounger is a nice place to spend some alone time thinking, reading or working on your laptop.


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