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ikebanamedulla vases

A beautiful vases created by Benjamin Graindorge called ikebanaMedulla which is unique in a way that it has a perculiar  look with or without flowers.

"Two things were important to me when I started my research for the ikebanaMedulla vase. The first mostly practical one was to design a vase that would remain 'inhabited' even without flowers. The second one was to create a piece whose shape brings together great peace and wild, almost animal tension. Recently I've been very attracted to this idea of natural wildness and the ikebanaMedulla vases are actually my first attempt at representing this notion. I like to draw objects almost in a trance, I like to believe that with distance, an object can be fully integrated in a living room, and when you look closer, the entire landscape grows. I wanted something alive."
~ Benjamin Graindorge


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