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bee station

Bee Station - this is the most beautiful and elegant house for bees I've ever seen! Great design by Jamie Hutchinson.

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  1. The Bee Station looks lovely however please do not feed the bees sugar water in it.
    Commercial and many hobby beekeepers feed sugar (or corn syrup) to their bees and this is part of the reason why the bees are failing! Bees should not be fed sugar water. There are no nutrients for bees in sugar and it is the wrong pH. They need nutritious nectar and pollen. So if you want to feed the bees plant an organic bee friendly garden. An excellent book on how to treat bees holistically is Gunther Hauk's Towards Saving the Honeybee.
    Besides, putting sugar water in your garden will attract yellow jackets and other peskies who are omnivores and do eat sugar.


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