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one crystal chandelier

Designed by Thomas Feichtner, this is by far one of the most unique chandelier you would have come across, and it is equally perfect may it be just one piece or working up with more.

One Crystal Chandelier is a hanging light fixture reduced to its essence by Viennese designer Thomas Feichtner. A cable runs through a curved tube which is fitted with an LED at the end to provide light. This tube’s curvature is such that one can hang a crystal from it—and this crystal is then lit from below. The design is a greatly simplified one which consciously breaks with the historically more formal and representative role that crystal chandeliers have played. It is not powerful opulence, but rather a fascinating simplicity that dominates this work. And it is the use of LED technology that makes it possible to take this approach to its logical conclusion. The concept becomes particularly clear within the context of the producer’s history and in light of the way it contrasts with traditional chandelier designs. One Crystal Chandelier is an affordable lighting element for a design-loving but no less traditional public—an “entry-level” chandelier which can be expanded by adding further crystals as one sees fit.


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