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watering kettle cans

Now we would have one more reason to love gardening. Watering Kettle Cans are designed and created by Antonio Aricò.

The concept of a ceramic swan came from Antonio’s desire to have a watering-can connected to the aesthetic and practical world of gardening. 

Why we can not insert in it a glimpse of our indoor daily life, by transforming it into a tea pot? After all watering plants could be compared to pouring tea for friends. 

Changing the concept and the use of two common objects – like a watering can and a kettle – is a way for Antonio to magnify our usual life and putting some fantasy and magic in such tenderhearted gestures. The hybrid shape of the tall kettle could be seen as a weird swan and the short one could be seen as a baby elephant with is very long trunk.

Via: Gessato


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