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the text book | chulsoo & younghee

For some reason this series of big head characters (Chulsoo & Younghee) seems to be rather captivating. Little stories nicely photographed by Suk Kuhn Oh in the series call The Text Book.

Chulsoo and Younghee are central characters from popular illustrated Korean children’s books. Much like Jack and Jill for readers of English, these two are well known in Korea, and typically appear engaged in routine daily activities such as playing with their pets or attending school. For his series The Text Book (Chulsoo & Younghee), Suk Kuhn Oh employed the two figures in a conceptual exploration of personal traumas experienced by fellow Koreans, particularly those remembered from childhood. To do so, he fabricated large doll-like masks of Chulsoo and Younghee and posed his subjects wearing them – including himself – in dramatic re-enactments of their own vivid memories.


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