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florian dovillez's hat collection

Is that just a hairstyle or hat? For Florian Dovillez's collection... it's both.

His collection pays tribute to the ''Wig Society'', a phenomenon that has taken by storm the fashion industry and has lately dominated the catwalks. His pieces are 100% made of real human hair and are exclusively designed for monochromatic silhouettes that of bleach blond and deep black. The Hat Collection is reminiscent of the wigs and headpieces designed by Charlie le Mindu, the talented guru of the hairpieces. Dovillez’s hats are contemporary classics with a strong seductive character and an eye absorbing beauty. Their elegance lays to the fact that you cannot really distinguish the hat from the model’s actual hair, blurring the lines between what is real and what isn’t.

Photos by Riki Tinoza~

Via: Yatzer

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