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mahogany bicycles

If you are getting a bicycle... this is a must-have. When you have accumulate an abundance experience of shipbuilding what else would you apply to? Well, for Sueshiro Sano, he made incredible bicycles out of mahogany.

Sueshiro Sano‘s lifetime of intellect for the art of shipbuilding and being a ninth-generation shipwright has given him the idea to create his first bicycle developed completely out of mahogany. This ingenious idea of using mahogany allows the bicyclists to feel an increased sense of control and pacing ability. Since 2008 when he first created this work, he’s beautifully handmade 11 fully wooden bicycles with advancements in its normal weight from 11 kilograms to nearly eight. Sano was able to successfully reduce the weight of the saddle and mounting rails from 230 grams to 160 grams when he used stronger and lighter mahogany instead of metal rails and joints.

Via: Gessato


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