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objet préféré by fabrica


Fabrica features Objet Préféré, at the Grand-Hornu in Belgium with an exceptional collection of fifteen furniture pieces designed by Fabrica. The fifteen amazing furniture pieces have been created following a workshop between young Fabrica designers and personnel such as craftsmen, technicians, and office staff of the Grand-Hornu Images Cultural Center in Belgium. 

Just to name a few, a knife, a jewel, a beer glass, a train journey, and books are some of the tangible and intangible objects which have acted as the backdrop of inspiration for the exhibition Objet Préféré. This first-time, unparalleled scheme proposes a remarkable collection as it characterizes a perfect balance between dazzling design and very fine craftsmanship. The challenge of this project was firstly and foremost to identify the favorite objects of the Grand-Hornu personnel; the story lying behind each tangible or intangible object, and how this object could be portrayed by means of a unique and special exhibition. Design therefore ‘evolves’ challenging its identity, and the way it communicates itself by uniting groups of people with a different background, whether that is cultural, racial, language, age, and sex.

Via: Yatzer


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