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Over at The Dieline featuring a wonderful work by Sam Stevens. The carrier for food can turn into a planter after use, love the idea.

"Taste" encourages you to cook a meal from scratch using convenience based ingredients. The meals are broken down in simple stages, allowing you to complete them a step at a time. Each individual ingredient has a corresponding recipe card, that "holds your hand" through the cooking processes, giving you the confidence to carry on cooking. Once you have finished cooking with "taste". The carrier forms a planter that you are able to grow small herbs from that can be used later on in your own cooking. This secondary use not only builds longevity into the packaging design, but also contributes to the main aim of skill progression. A traditional and nostalgic approached has been adopted in the design language, to ensure that the user feels comfortable whilst cooking, encouraging them to form an emotional bond with the product.

Via: The Dieline


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