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eat play grow

Eat Play Grow is a growing table for young children which promotes an education in how to grow food produce from a young age. Designed by Ruth Vatcher.

By allowing a child to grow vegetables and herbs from their home, the table encourages children to be educated through these subtle additions to a simple piece of furniture. The concept is that the tray at the back of the table allows the children to grow food in a water tight container. They can then use the watering pot as a tool to sustain the produce.

Additionally, the felt provides storage of necessary tools beneath the table. It is a simple and effective means of storing suitable tools such as packs of seeds or trowels. There is also a chopping board on the table which provides a means of preparation of the food for the children.

To develop this design, user centred research was conducted with children aged 7 - 13. Through workshops in primary schools the design was developed into a small table suitable for an interior environment. This therefore provides the child with a station for growing their own food encouraging interaction with plants and vegetables from a young age.


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