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nespresso toaster

This is a toaster that is a beauty to have. Designed by Bruno Fosi.

Taking a design cue from Nestlé’s Nespresso Expresso Coffee Products, the Nespresso Toaster is an innovative design that merges style with substance to enliven your daily breakfast routine. The design operates on the sensory experience that users derive when they start their day by interacting with highly stylish and highly efficient products. Using the versatility of the Nestle coffeemakers as a starting point, the toaster looks to provide users with a unique breakfast experience.

The playful design of the Nespresso toaster resembles a swing arm picnic basket and adds to the fun element of the concept. The concept comes with the option of single or dual slice options and looks to cater mainly to single, city dwellers on the go who depend on a variety of push button appliances to prepare their breakfast and do not have the time to fuss with pots, pans or other complicated gadgetry every morning. Tab toaster features a face-to-face closed system and supports multi-flavored tabs that can be worked with different types of breads, butters and table spreads. The Nespresso Toaster is available in multiple colors and textures that allow users to brighten up their kitchen decor.

Via: Designbuzz


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