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nyc goes from day to night in one frame

What an awe-inspiring photo series of New York City weaving day to night in one single frame. By Stephen Wikes.

Photographer Stephen Wilkes spent a minimum of ten hours taking hundreds of shots to create each one of his Day to Night. Weaving and blending thirty to fifty parts, the photo-collagist extraordinaire created seamless, surrealist scenes of New York City life. The Flatiron Building splits the urban landscape from AM to PM, sunlit yellow cabs turning into a river of neon streaks around its sharp corner. Clusters of wintry Central Park are submerged into the dark. Times Square teems more densely in the shadowy patches of night. This “fluid narrative” captures two sides of each landmark and the never-ending current of energy cycling throughout. See the series at Chelsea’s Clamp Art Gallery, September 8 through October 29th.

Via: Flavorpill


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