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stitching concrete

Love its rawness and despite that it's concrete, it doesn't look heavy at all. Using a material called concrete canvas you can mold it before it hardens. By Florian Schmid.

Industrial design graduate Florian Schmid made these stools by folding fabric that’s impregnated with cement then drenching it in water. It consists of cement layered between fabric and a PVC backing. Once soaked it can be manipulated for a few hours before hardening. Schmid folds the Concrete Canvas and stitches the edges together with brightly coloured thread, then supports it on a wooden mould while it’s drenched in water and allowed to harden. The finished stools retain the soft appearance of folded fabric but are fireproof, waterproof and strong enough to sit on.

Via: Dezeen

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  1. I'm impressed. I don't suppose I've met anyone who knows just as much about this subject as you do.


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