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ursus wehrli meticulously rearranges everyday objects

In his forthcoming book, 'The Art of Clean Up' Ursus Wehrli brings his passion for sorting things to everyday life and objects.

Reminiscent of IKEA’s neatly organized cookbook, Hembakat är Bäst, in each image, Wehrli finds everyday situations of disorder and compulsively organizes them into neat rows according to color, size, shape, and type. Case and point, the pine branch arranged by needle size and an entire parking lot grouped together by color reveal hints of OCD behavior and also evoke a chuckle as it appears a wizard has wandered by and neatly sorted an entire lawn full of towels and people.

Via: psfk

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  1. I find these arrays utterly charming and intellectually satisfying as well. They're a perfect imaging of  a certain kind of thought in action.


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