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the p objects

Inspiration for ‘The P Objects’ was drawn from the symbolism associated with lanterns in the cultural of East and West, and how each has found a place in the heart of the other. On a broader level, they attempt to encapsulate the contrast and contradiction in building elaborate wood cages and delicate paper shades. By Chieh-Ting Huang.

There is a fundamental difference between how the notion of a ‘lantern’ is perceived in these two cultures. In the orient, the lantern is generally conceived as a lightweight portable lighting devise consisting of wood or bamboo, and paper. When wood is used, it forms the inner structure, giving shape and strength, forming a skeleton onto which paper is fixed as a membrane; it protects the inner flame from winds while allowing enough illumination to fulfil the lantern’s purpose. Images of occidental lanterns in the mind are of hard metal cages and cold glass, such as the gas lighting, which was first invented in England in 17th century, and industrial or marine lamps.


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