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naked shapes

'Naked Shapes' presents Japanese objects for daily use that are made from aluminum which industrial designer Seiji Onishi, gallerist Keiichi sumi and graphic designer Nobuhiro Yamaguchi have been passionately collecting over the years.

The trio have collected these objects over the years and have stripped each piece down of any dirt, paint, coatings, labels and decoration to their pure aluminum form to emphasize the beauty in their simplicity. Some two hundred household appliances, tools, furniture, cooking utensils and toys produced from the period of 1910 to 1960 are on display and were assembled within Domaine de Boisbuchet in France as they were based on the presentation of the Onishi-sumi collection for the gallery of the retail chain Muji in 2010. With Japan being the world leader in recycling aluminum, this project expresses the concept of products being designed and manufactured in a resource saving way.

Via: Gessato


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