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fragmented cabinets, stacking storage & seating

Lanzavecchia + Wai Design Studio creates Framengted 01, an archetypical and stoic storage furniture which is broken down into three mobile volumes that nest into each other. Solid panels are replaced by bands of flexible fabric not only as a textural pleated surface treatment but also pragmatically; the storage volume can be accessed from all sides and through any point. For Fragmented 02, it is a considered dual-purpose furniture whose agile identity is activated by the environment the user moves and places it in.


  1. Wow! these are just gorgeous. The shades of the colours blend so perfect with each other. Really good piece of art. Keep  it up!

  2. Impressive! I agree with Suzanne, the colours just perfectly blend with each other. Amazing choice of colours.

  3. That's a very interesting artistic impression of that piece of furniture. It most certainly is quite a vibrant unit too. It would definitely be able to brighten up any room that it's placed in, if it's not too busy functioning as a prop for all these interpretive dancers and all that! Haha!


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