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true value

Tricia Wright makes art by piercing into paper one dot at a time and the result is so intricate.

This is a series of small, intimate works on paper. They are pinhole drawings, made by pricking the design through the reverse of the paper. The drawings themselves reference lace, doilies and other decorative materials closely associated with the domestic realm, and into these I embed prosaic, assertively functional household objects and component parts. The series examines the relationship between decoration and function, and the value judgments attached to each; and it looks at the dichotomy between perception and reality that permeates the lives of ordinary women. The title for this series—True Value—is a direct reference to the chain of hardware stores where I buy my materials, and underscores the questions driving the work.

1 comment:

  1. It's simple but it really looks good, that's the essence of art; even the simplest thing can look special if you apply art on it.


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