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Arts & Business Scotland Awards 2011

'Arts & Business Awards 2011' by Nick Ross and Fraser Reid are inspired by the trophies of ancient Greece.

Since ancient times awards have been given out to recognise success and achievement, the modern ‘trophy’ is based on the vessels given out during the Olympic Games in ancient Greece which were designed to contain sacred oils. Over time the focus of the trophy's form has shifted from a container to what is now merely a symbol of its past function The awards were created by casting synthetic plaster into sports trophy forms. With the awards for 2011 we wanted to put the contents back into the trophy to create something with more substance. By taking iconic trophy shapes we created solids from the inside vacuum within to create a type of inverted form. These solids are then placed upon tripods (a form used in ancient Rome for a similar purpose) so that the pieces are suspended, placing a sense of importance and fragility upon them.


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