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wood vase

Four international designers staying in a remote place in eastern Iceland called Egilsstaðir. Team includes a french, dutch, german and an icelandic. The plan is to work with local materials with local craftsmen and workshops to create a series of objects that communicate the local customs and heritage. Wood Vase is one of the project taken on.

Mainly the wood used in Iceland is imported. We decided to work with what was localy available. Due to hard climatic conditions the larch and birch that grow in the country stay short and twisted and lots of waste is produce looking for the perfect wood board. In order to use wood without wasting material, the well known technic of gluing short pieces of wood together is commonly used in Iceland. We decided to celebrate this necessary technic by coloring the glue instead of hiding it.
~ Garðar Eyjólfsson, Christian Fiebig, Bas Geelen, Thomas Vailly


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