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english hedgrow | world's first augmented reality ceramics

Ceramic plate? Augmented reality? These two don't come side by side in my mind, but it just made me go WOW! By Andrew Tanner.

Tanner, one of Britain's talented ceramic designers, has teamed up with Jason Jameson & James Hall, from internationally award-winning animation studio Unanico Group, and Royal Winton to create the augmented reality plate. Created by referencing flora and fauna occurring in natural English hedgerows, and incorporated into a contemporary Chintz style, the design is brought to life using an iOS app (iPhone, iPod, iPad) created by Unanico Group, to generate the augmented reality experience. The hedgerow doesn't simply feature 3D objects in space, but animation in three dimensions as well. In other words, the hedgerow fauna move about the plate.

Via: Moco Loco


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