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for a healthier lunch break

For those who live a fast live and not wanting to compromise their lunch to the heavy and non-healthy fast food options, this creation takes packed lunch to a new level. Designed by Sabine Staggl.

Since ever, the farmer lives in a healthy environment and consumes fresh food, while the life in the city is hectic and damages our health and our quality of life. My project is for all those who have either no time or opportunity to go back home for lunch and offers the possibility to eat in a healthy and pleasant way even at the office. With this kit I want to support the philosophy of bringing food from home, and providing a healthy alternative for all those who consume non-fresh and heavy food in fast-food restaurants. The kit is composed by a plate, a cutting board and a bowl, that can be joined and detached depending on the need, and a bag that turns into a tablecloth. The concept is to shift the food preparation from the morning directly to lunchtime. This shift saves time in the morning, and the on spot preparation guarantees the consumption of healthy and raw food, which is also more digestible, increasing its quality and giving more vitality.
~ Sabine Staggl

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