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What a romantic as well as lovely husband and dad!

Who wouldn't want a dad like Kermit Mulkins? One day, his daughter Darbi had her zipper break on her favorite lunch bag. Instead of replacing it, he started doodling cats and characters on brown paper lunch bags. (He even created an Angry Birds one.) For his wife Maria, he couples his art with funny or sweet poems saying, "My lovely wife likes when I write." On his website, you'll also find one that Mulkins made for his friend, called Eros' Arrows, that feels like he's taken the idea to a whole new level. The original poem and the beautifully tragic illustration go perfectly hand in hand together.

See more of his work here.

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  1. The picture are really very nice. Some are serious while some are funny. It was great work been done and  thanks for sharing such images. Angry bird was mine favorite online game and I played it a lot.


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