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zen circus chair

Zen Circus is a piece of fitness furniture between circus and yoga inspired by antigravity yoga. It permits the user to tone up muscles freed from gravity's effects. After the exercises, the user can relax by creating a cocoon. By Caroline Kermarrec.


  1. Is the price of this  protected by some national defense law?

  2. Price? Price? Why is it that the price of this art project is secret? It's not a yacht, it's furniture.

  3. This is so awesome and needs to be avalibe ASAP from some place ridiculous like IKEA or Target or something.

  4. It's just a unique prototype for now but we are looking for someone to produce it :)
    It's a team project designed with Alexia Moisan and Kévin Geffroy, we will keep yourself up-to-date as soon as we can!


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