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capsule lamp

The Capsule Lamp was initially designed for a kidswear brand. The inspiration comes from capsule toys which children get from vending machines usually located at shopfronts. Looking up at the lamp, one can see a bunch of colourful capsule toys, each carrying wish and delight that awaken one’s youthful soul. By Design Systems.

The Capsule Lamp is designed to be a light-weighted fixture with wood as its major material. Light-coloured wood is chosen to foreground and accentuate the capsule content. With the mini plastic hooks at the end of each wooden stick, this lighting structure is designed to be flexible and transformable, since the number of capsules to be hung up and displayed can be adjusted at one’s own will, whether it be zero capsules or full gear on, and the content can be replaced anytime you want. Customization and cleaning are also made easy, making the Capsule Lamp a perfect combination of fun, individuality and practicality.


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