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Not just a simple LED light wall but a real hi-tech, innovative and eco-friendly solution for the diffusion of ambient music. A modular geometric structure made ​​of corrugated cardboard, highly configurable and adaptable to any location and need. Hexagonal elements designed to operate as empty sounding-board which, using the vibrations of sound, seem to breathe and move with melodic rhythm, creating a magical and intriguing atmosphere.  By Henry K.T. Hsiao & Jervis Chua.

The AmbiHive is a merger of an ambient wall lamp and a hi-tech speaker. It uses a premium vibrating sound technology that is attached to the underside of the acoustically resonating ICB (Inverted Corrugated Board) while low energy LED intrigues and breathes with the tunes. It is designed to be highly customizable that customers would be able to design configuration to suit their homes online.

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