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reversible table

It's a coffee table and dining table in one. I think it would be better if we can just lift the table top rather than flip it over. By Jordi López Aguiló of kutarq studio for Moodd Furniture.

The Reversible table is an innovative and versatile piece; it uniquely offers you a double function combined with elegance of design. It is easily adaptable for many occasions, appealing to modern living in domestic spaces. It works as well as a dining table (73 cm height) and a coffee table (35 cm height). You can change the height of the table simply flipping it 180º, easily done by two people as it is strong, but light. The legs, that cross the board of the table have a double function: aesthetic, and functional. We can use the outgoing part of each leg for coat rack to hang purses, hats, accessories…


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