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vessels for memories

A series of vases inspired by memories and loses. By Hadar Glick.

Recent graduate of Holon Institute of Technology, Israeli designer Hadar Glick created a series of vases that reflect on loss and memories associated with it. Loss translates into every society and to every person and as Glick says, “A loss is always a loss.” Nature and flowers often go hand in hand with loss, whether they’re displayed at funerals or sent to someone who’s lost someone special. This series of six vases were made because everyone can relate to them and knows what they’re for and what they represent. They are empty vessels, void of something, perhaps a loss. Quite the opposite of flowers which slowly die, the vases are made from long-lasting materials that will continue along with your memories.

Via: Design Milk

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  1. the first one is very powerful - can relaly feel the emotions of loss and reflection.


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