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camp daybed

A piece of furniture part of the collection CAMP, based on the concept of autonomy, designed for modern nomads, through a study of the needs and daily necessities related to camping and its way of living life with ease and independence. By Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig.

A series of objects whose installation doesn’t require any particular location or fixed and permanent elements, just like Daybed, a sleeping bag with legs. A structure composed of a knockdown frame, lightweight and at the same time robust and resistant, on which lays a padded cover which, just as a tent, is equipped with spacious rear pockets for storing magazines and various objects. A multifunctional chair ideal as a comfortable sofa during the day, to relax, chat with friends or just reading a newspaper, and at night, as a bed to sleep in comfort, making full use of the deep and wide seat with which is equipped.


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