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collection 2013

For her whole collection 2013, Elsa Randé has designed furniture with names of songs, movies and poems that have marked our lives. It is a melting-pot of nostalgia and authenticity embodied in personalized and customizable furniture. Its uniqueness? The furniture is all sewn! Scoubidou threads assemble solid wood in an elegant stitching.

The designer sews scoubidou threads to put her wooden pieces together, a unique and unprecedented process. Thus, neither nails nor screws; only colored and solid threads that give her furniture the stamp of a fashion collection. She offers her customers to create their own personalized and customized furniture, by choosing the threads color, the feet shape and the wood species, but also by giving them the opportunity to sew a custom pattern with the scoubidou threads.

Designed by Elsa Randé.


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