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sushi tuna model teaches kids how to dissect maguro

Most of us buy our kids toy cars and building blocks. But not Kazuyoshi Watanabe, who owns a wholesale stand in the fish market. Watanabe, who wields his 2-ft long sword literally for breakfast decided to create a toy model that would teach people how to dissect a fish. He teamed up with Hobbystock, a maker of toy models, to recreate 10 genuine parts that you can slice and dice. And that’s just the fish. It also comes with a chopping board, large knife and other parts that all make the experience come to life. But the price tag of teaching your kid to be a badass, sword-wielding fishmonger is not cheap. The model clocks in at 29,400 yen.

You can buy here.

Via: Spoon & Tamago


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