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alive and kicking

Two different collection of sculptures from artist Zhou Chun Ya titled 'Alive' & 'Kicking' and houses in two different cabinets designed by Jamie Hayon.

The ALIVE in ALIVE AND KICKING signifies the force of life. It vibrates and flourishes because of desires, emotions, passions, and dreams. The libido’s drive and the impulse of instinctual emotion allow life itself to overcome all odds to pursue its dreams and desires. Thus it becomes so active, brave, and agitated that shows the inherent heat and momentum of life.

The KICKING in ALIVE AND KICKING signifies an explosive force. Continuing his creation in ALIVE, Zhou Chunya uses gold for the first time to present the dog which he has drawn for dozens of years. The vivid and heavy tone on the dog is transformed into a golden armor. Gilded with a copper-zinc alloy and rose gold, the dogs shimmer in every confident posture.

Jaime Hayon’s works, on the other hand, freely exercise innocence and reveal the passionate face of a fantasy world. The two artists cooperated for the first time in May, 2012 for the exhibition ALIVE AND KICKING.

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