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burr puzzle high stool

This stool look just like a squiggly mess and it doesn't even look like a stool to begin with. And maybe that's the charm.

The chinese mortise and tenon technique has been widely used on wood pieces for over 7000 years,  and have adapted the method in the 'burr puzzle' stool. The main principle of a 'burr puzzle' is assembling wood pieces in specific order and limiting each of the pieces movement only by the notches of the wood, which eventually creates a firm and solid connection. A new modern mortise is applied to this furniture piece, as the original wood material is switched for aluminium. The design still follows the core technique, but achieves a more delicate finish and a stronger structure. The entire 42 x 54 x 82 cm stool is assembled only using the metal mortises. the process is similar to playing a puzzle where every part has its own specific place to fit.

By Chinese designers You-De Chen and Chin-Hua Lin.

Via: DesignBoom

images copyright of You-De Chen & Chin-Hua Lin


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