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cracked portraits

‘Cracked Portraits’ are a series of detailed pencil artworks overlayed with a pane of cracked glass – known as the ‘material cracks’.

The artist uses pencil as well as quality of human perception to make a Triple Maneuver. He depicts three-dimensional object on the surface of a paper in the way it looks as a sculpture installed in the space. Then he emphasizes the surface of the stone (“inside” the paper) by infusing flesh, skin and age in the image of the saints and warriors. Finally he “revives” the depicted figure itself driving “Life” into it so the figure provokes onlooker’s imagination on what might be the emotional state, the world inside the personage. First, eliminate the surface of the medium (paper), than bring the focus on the surface of sculpture, finally, create the illusion of “inside” of the resurrected person – this is the structure of photo-realistic labyrinth the artist offers us to experience.

By Taisuke Mohri.


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