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'OverNight' is a collection of unique copper-plated stained glass lamps made for Vessel Gallery Lighting Editions. The use of copper strips to set glass is a traditional technique but by creating a folding pattern for the glass and growing the copper structure where needed a whole new method of creating the frame and shapes is explored.

 By using the process of copper-plating to literally grow the seems between the glass pieces, fixing the glass in it’s place and creating a strong frame fitting perfectly around the glass. Taking away the need for difficult and elaborate soldering or welding.Also by allowing the copper to grow freely during the plating process a unique surface is obtained, which is unique to the environment during the plating and different every time.This environment of the plating is also the inspiration for the shapes. As they are based on copper-sulfate, the main ingredient of the electroplating bath in which they are made, which in it’s solid state has an amazing crystal structure.

By Odd Matter Studio.

copyright of Odd Matter Studio, photos by Arne Zacher


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