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Bois & Noir / Bois & Blanc

Regardless of whichever team wins, I am drooling over so many fabulous design objects!

Created by designer Piergil Fourquié with the help of Pierre Dubourg and Elise Fauveau, the French Federation of Design participates in the 2013 edition of Paris Design Week. For this first participation is at the Carrousel du Louvre, in reverse the FFD organizes this "sporting event" design pyramid. On the theme "Black & Wood / Wood & White", two teams of 11 designers who will compete in a creative competition.

Each designer has created one or more objects of wood and wearing the color of his team, black or white. The typology of objects imagined is broad and covers a wide spectrum of coat hanger through the mirror toy and luminaire designers of each team have left about their inspiration.

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