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the space between the void | kaleidoscope cabinet

Totally rad and totally fun. A cabinet that on the outlook seems ordinary and when you open it... the inside completely wow you.

"The space between the void” (The Kaleidoscope Cabinet) is another attempt to deconstruct the paradigm that a cabinet should simply be a box with two doors. This particular cabinet was created in memory of an old aunt the designer had growing up who always told him and his brothers that he could “look but never touch” the beautiful objects she had in her house. The fact that these objects where out of bound only made them more magical for him.

The cabinet includes an interior light and a peep hole so that when its doors are closed and the cabinet is locked. The viewer can still peer inside and see the objects multiplied infinitely like a kaleidoscope offering a glimpse of its precious belongings to those of us allowed to “look but never touch”.

By Sebastian Errazuriz.

Via: DesignMilk


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