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zen garden 2013

A very bold and modern zen garden, but equally contemplative and calm.

Zen Garden is a large three-dimensional drawing in black and white. Lines run the length of the main gallery’s floor – interrupted by sporadic ‘rock’ clusters – and evenly spaced rectangles cover the walls. Songailo’s repetitive patterns have a seductive quality to them and the overall effect is not at all frenetic. The artist intended to invest his installation with a sense of reflection and calm, and he succeeds. But any suggestion Zen Garden is solely concerned with nature and meditation is inaccurate. There’s an inherent grittiness in Songailo’s line work; it acts as a reminder that this space is actually anything but a Zen garden.

By Sam Songailo.

Via: IndesignLive.

copyright of Sam Songailo and photos by Emily Taylor


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