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This Book Is a Camera

Crafty pop-up book opens up into a functional pinhole camera. 

Artist Kelli Anderson designed a book that teaches readers about the art of photography—with an actual pop-up camera. Using the 1800s-era pinhole technique as inspiration, Anderson crafted her book in such a way that light could only enter through a small opening, exposing the embedded photo film/paper to a concentrated tunnel of light. The film's light-sensitive crystals could then react to the light's potency to reproduce the image before it—just like a real camera! The best part? Anderson's camera book folds together and no additional assembly is required. 

However, while Anderson's This Book is a Camera does include a collapsible camera, lightproof bag, instructions, and B/W Ilford photo paper, developer fluid and a dark room are needed to actually develop the film. 


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